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Corporate NewsNet

The next Bi Annual Curtin Clan Gathering is scheduled in Peterborough, in early September of 2007.

The 5th Bi-annual Gathering of the Curtin Clan Association will occur from September 6 to September 9, 2007, in Petersborough, Ontario, Canada.

Magic Globe Conjures up Spellbinding Holidays in South Africa

Arena Resources, Inc. Announces Record Second Quarter 2007 Production

Meeting Planners International Integrates Turning Technologies’ Audience Response Technology into 2007 World Education Congress

Entrepreneur Unveils America's Fastest-Growing Businesses in the 2007 Hot 500 Ranking

DivX Announces Plans to Maximize Value and Growth Potential of Core Businesses and

Callaway Golf Company Releases Preliminary Second Quarter 2007 Results

CVS Corporation to Acquire MinuteClinic, Largest Provider of Retail-Based Health Clinics in the US

Monster Worldwide Reschedules Second Quarter 2007 Financial Results Conference Call and Webcast Due to the Temporary Closure of Corporate Office Related to Steam Pipe Explosion in New York City


Top Analyst Positions EMC as a Leader in Business Process Management for Document Processes

Dangerous Ruling Puts Interactive Web Services at Risk

EFF Urges Appeals Court to Protect Innovation

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Telemarketing Needed for Non-Profit Fundraising ...  10:42:59 PM EST

canon cameras reviews ...  12:38:39 PM EST


Specialize in recruiting engineers and the interna ... 

Property Management Company. We manage real estate ... 

Over the past several years our firm has been work ... 

Trade Announcements

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Boards of Directors versus Advisory Boards More...

Daniel W. Stafford DANIEL W. STAFFORD
Hedged Portfolio Stock Loans


Wayne D. Messick WAYNE D. MESSICK
Can't Talk Here! More...

Dr. James E. Bridges, Jr DR. JAMES E. BRIDGES, JR
Strategic Human Resources Planning More...

When a Franchisor Web Page Becomes “EXHIBIT ONE” More...

More Commentary...
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Real Label Inc - PrintingCommercial : : Labels and Tags - Furniture : : Living, Sleeping, Lighting

MGA Graphics, Inc - Premiums and Incentives : : Promotional Items and Embrodery

Donley Communications Corporation - PRagency : : Financial service and Professional service firms

QUANTUM MECHANICAL INC. - BuildingsFacilitiesManagement : : Heating / Air Conditioning

IRBINE custom tool grips - Construction related : : Custom tool grips

Miracle Care Network, Inc - Health & Beauty Aids

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Race Horse Betting, Stock Picking and Structuring Private Company Financings - Arthur Lipper III

The Economics and Future of Culture vs. Show Biz - Arthur Lipper III

Being a good director © - Arthur Lipper III

Developing, Administering, Coaching and Judging Business Plan Contests © - Arthur Lipper III

Don't Look Toward the House! - Wayne D. Messick

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The objective of our services is to make access to business online very easy, simple, and convenient.

Because we own and operate the 135 specialized domain service areas that are strictly for business, plus the 500 City.BizWiz services, BizWiz can do things for its members that are not possible anywhere else.

The ACTIVE Relationship between our business members and BizWiz results in the accumulation and distribution of information, knowledge, and contacts for the purpose of supporting transactions and enhancing the growth and profit for our members.

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BizWiz is a One Stop, Full Service Business Network and commercial marketplace. It offers everything that a company or a business person needs All in one place.

The entire BizWiz portfolio of services operate on a common platform making it possible for us to serve your company in a way not possible by other services. This is not a hyperlink service that you typically find on the internet. We own and operate the services that are part of the BizWiz Network system. Each service is specially designed to fit your needs and to integrate with other services in our system to enhance information flow, data retrieval, communication, transactions, and interaction.

Search Engine & Resource Directory
Direct access to 300,000+ BizWiz™ member companies across 8,000+ Sub-Categories including contact information and propritary email system.
Search Engine
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Internet access, ISP, Hosting, & Merchant Services
BizWiz EZ services offer all size companies Internet Access, Hosting, Dialup Accounts, Merchant Accounts, Access to Banking Gateway, Domain Name management, etc.

Overview of HOSTING: 1-2-3 Summary

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1stBusinessDay Portals in 186 Industries
1stBusinessDay is a PORTAL for each of the 186 Industries served by BizWiz. Each portal provides EXCLUSIVE content and EARLY identification of business opportunities.

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  • Executive Job Search
    Executive-Direct focuses on matching TOP Candidates and TOP Companies for jobs $200,000+ annually in 186 industries.
    Top Candidates
    Top Jobs
    Top Recruiters


    Local business news and opportunities in 500 major cities Worldwide.

    Matches capital seekers and capital sources for EVERY type of financing applied by businesses.
    Private Equity
    Private Placement
    Hedge Funds
    Corporate Finance
    Venture Capital
    Lease Funding
    Angel Investors
    Seed Funding

    Corporate NewsNet
    A newswire service that collects and distributes news and announcements from wire services, companies, and PR Agencies.
    Corporate NewsNet
    Submit Company News

    Businesss Travel Reservations and Destinations, Corporate Travel Desk, Premium & Incentive Travel,

    Opportunities, Skill, Techniques, and Networking
    Senior Executive
    Sales Jobs
    Tech Jobs

    BizWiz Network Gateway
    Harness the power of BizWiz by organizing your own clusters of Preferred Trading Partners into a closed Gateway Network.


    Quality Business Products and Services at a Discount from Authorized Q-Biz Vendors.

    Commercial Real Estate Marketplace
    RealEstate-Marketplace organizes the market for Commercial property, Industrial Parks, Retail Locations, Real Estate Investors, Developers, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Morgage Financing, etc. Worldwide


    Leading companies Submit and Retrieve Requests for Proposal and Request for Bid in 186 industries and 50 product and service categories using specific RFP forms.
    Submit an RFP by category / location / industry
    Retrieve RFPs
    Ask The Agent


    International Buyer-Seller Connection
    Used by companies who want to establish business relationships in other countries

    90 services provides well organized access to solutions to business needs which occur on a non-repetitive basis.

    Top 100 World Business Charts
    Compiled and tabulated from registrations in BizWiz during the past 12 months. Updated daily.

    Correspondents News & Articles
    Business News and Articles submitted by 1,400+ publishers and authorized Independent Correspondents & Moderators

    Business Resource Library
    A searchable database of Articles, Documents, Research, Training Aids, Instructions, Databases, Forums, etc. Full document, database, and forum access is available.

    Professional Resources
    Services for and from Attorneys, Accounts, Consultants, & IT Professional

    Security-Marketplace specializes in Commercial, Government, and Institutional protection. It provides access to security sources and facilitates connectivity and RFPs.

    Submit an RFP by category / location / industry
    Retrieve RFPs


    Commercial Insurance
    Specializing in businesses' need to regularly assess their proper insurance coverage and a time when needs and requirements are constantly changing and increasing in complexity.

    Submit an RFP by category / location / industry
    Retrieve RFPs


    Creating an enviroment where professionals, scientists, commercial enterprises, goverment and capital sources can interact on common interests for the development of Life Science markets.

    Submit an RFP by category / location / industry
    Retrieve RFPs

    Employee Benefits
    EmployeeBenefits-Direct provides a service that brings benefit managment together with professionals and specialists in the Employee Benefits area.

    Submit an RFP by category / location / industry
    Retrieve RFPs

    Web Development
    Design, Development, and Promotion of Web sites and services. Service offers industrial strength web sites and hosting for companies.
    EZ Hosting
    EZ Merchant
    EZ Domain
    EZ Submitit
    Web Emporium

    50,000 Commercial Sites
    BizWiz EZ Commerces sites provide Transaction, Communication, Tools, and Information Syndication support for 50,000 participating companies.

    Legal Reseach is the Primier Center for Legal Resources, Case Law Research, Litigation Support, and Commercial Support for Law Firms and businesses.

    Any attorney will tell you that legal research is the nuts and bolts of law. Performing legal research is the act of finding out what the current law says on a particular issue. We answer all types of legal questions by researching the law for you. Specifically, we review the case law, statutory law, and secondary legal sources relevant to your particular state.

    LawCent Legal Respource Center


    Auction-Direct Network
    A simple, fast, and easy Auction. Sell and Buy what you want through an Auction Network powered by BizWiz. Strictly for Business. Worldwide

    Auction Categories
    Post New Items
    New User Registration

    Liquidation & Surplus Auction
    Domain Name Auction


    Commercial Liquidation
    Sell and buy surplus inventories through an Auction Powered by BizWiz. Commercial Liquidation is part of, a simple, fast, and easy Auction Network for businesses-to-business.

    Commercial Liquidation


    Goal Achievement
    Companies gain the benefit of a reality check as to their goals and also to give others confidence that, at least as far as the specified goal, there is an independent and knowledgeable party who, after studying the answers received in response to the right questions, has concluded there is a given probability of the goal being achieved.

    GAPRating Service


    Business Books
    Our business book service specializes in identification of bright authors and makes available special books for business and professional people. Books are Reviewed by BizWiz Independent Correspondents and Moderators. BizWiz Members offer Comments.



    Trade Shows, Events, Seminars in 186 Industries. Worldwide

    Current Month
    Submit Calendar Events


    Proven Marketing
    BizWiz offers Marketers a proven track record and many effective ways to build traffic and customers.

    Target One Display Advertising
    ProvenImpact Advertising


    DomainWebAds - Targeted Messages to Build Traffic A DomainWebAd is Just 1 Page with a special task...building your traffic through a targeted, specialized message that can be properly read by major search engines; and, at the same time, able to attract customers for you at their moment of need.


    A catalog of Products and Services for Business. Companies participating in BizWiz submit their products and services to create fully transaction / communication capable Fact Sheets and Price Lists.


    Gallery Art
    GalleryArt-Direct Specializes in the Identification of Gallery Artists Worldwide. It provides access to Artists, Top Galleries and Art Tours.

    Featured Artist


    Graphic Art
    Specializing in the Identification of Talented Graphic Artists Worldwide. GraphicArt-Direct provides access to Top Studios and Freelance Graphic Artists, Art Directors, and Designers.

    Graphic Art


    Gifted Children
    For parents and educators, specializes in the identification, encouragement, and development of children with great promise. It is a networking and information medium dedicated to making a difference in the pursuit of educational excellence for children of special talents and abilities. To this end, we will sponsor and promote gifted children advocacy through whatever means are appropriate.

    Gifted Children

  is a portfolio of actions to promote peace and prosperity by connecting business people, diplomats, and elected officials for open dynamic exchange.
    Express your Interest

    Support for Multilateral Intiatives:

    • Health care
    • Education
    • Human Rights
    • Security
    • Economic Development
    • Rule of Law
    • Democracy
    • Trade
    • Cultural Exchange
    • Peace, Prayer, & Freedom
    • Food


    Ask The Agent
    Anything you want...Anything you need...Anything at all for business...Just Ask!

    Specific Requests that Remain Alive!

    This is an AGENT that actually provides introductions; and, permits you to set up automatic, specific Requests for Proposals and Information that remain alive on the BizWiz service. It will contact companies, businesses, and professional people that can meet your needs. It will deliver your message. It will remain active for the period of time you specify; or, it can be terminated by you at any time. It is not a Search Engine. It will Match your needs and interests across 186 Industries Worldwide.

    Ask The Agent


    Entrepreneur Profiles
    Profiles, News, and Networking for Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Entrepreneur Profiles provide interesting insights into business leaders. It also offers people a way to make contact and connections through the BizWiz Network environment.

    Entrepreneur Profiles
    Submit an Entrepreneur Profile
    Networking via Entrepreneur Profiles

    Profiled People

    Targeted Advertising

    Target ONE Featured Sponsor


    Sample Services & Pricing

    Click here to view Sample Services and Pricing for the Main BizWiz Membership plus the nine Core Service Areas of BizWiz. Each Core Area offers specialized services for participants and members.

    1. BizWiz Direct
    2. EZ-123
    4. 1st Business Day
    5. Corporate NewsNet & BizWizWire
    6. City.BizWiz
    7. Bid / Ask
    8. EZ Commerce
    9. Q-Biz
    Main BizWiz Membership .
    Basic Company Membership All size companies are eligible. Includes $5.00 / Month
    $55.00 Set-up
    BizWiz Authorized Solution Provider Program $16.00 / Month
    $176.00 Set-up
    Target ONE Industry Specific Sponsorship

    Includes top of screen, "Featured Sponsor" position:

    • Search BizWiz Pages
    • bPortal Pages
    • Top100 Pages
    • RFP Pages
    • Trade Announcement Pages
    • Corporate NewsNet Pages
    • Contact Management Pages
    • Showcase in BizWiz Resource Directory
    $400.00 / Month
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    Navigation Tool for New BizWiz Services

       Business HOTLINK service:
    Reach out to your best targeted prospect. Business HOTLINK Display Advertising appearing in 1stBusinessDay and all other BizWiz services puts your graphic and message in the right place at the right front of the right person! See Special Offer..

    Business Hotlink
    Pitney Bowes
    Pitney Bowes mailstation™ digital postage meter and scale. 90-day free trial & $50 postage coupons, a smart solution for your small business.

    Business Hotlink


    Capital for All Business Needs.
    For Capital Seekers, Capital Sources, Professionals, and Intermediaries.

    Business Hotlink
    Nancy Lord, LLC
    Protect Your Intellectual Property
    Trademarks & Patents
    Medical Device Patents
    Corporate and Small Business

    Business Hotlink
    Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee
    We roast coffee for the food service industry, retailers and distributors, and for end consumers.

      Only at BizWiz - Useful Direct Links
    Outsource Solutions in Asia
    Go to the RAINMAKERS — Asian Century Solutions - Sell, Source and Invest Effectively in Asia
    Submit a Press Release - $29.00
    Press Releases for Finance, Business, and Specialized Markets.
    Executive Jobs Search
    Executive Jobs > $200,000
    Pitney Bowes mailstation™
    Pitney Bowes mailstation™ digital postage meter and scale. 90-day free trial & $50 postage coupons, a smart solution for your small business.
    Capital, Jobs & Recruiting, RFP & Trade Announcements, News, PR, Correspondents Cluster, ,Business Networking & Roundtable, Auction, Barter, Liquidation, & Surplus, EZ Commerce, Travel, Small Business, Web Site Development, City.BizWiz

    Go to BizWiz Services.

    Because BizWiz owns and operates all of the service modules listed below, plus the BizWiz Network, we are able to connect you with companies and people to help you grow your business in ways that other services simply cannot offer. BizWiz is the largest, integrated service on the internet for businesses.

    Capital (Capital seekers, sources, intermediaries, & professionals)

    IPO Online Offering Service
    DPO Online Offering Service

    Jobs & Recruiting

    Executive-Direct Executive jobs > $200,000
    FastTrack-Direct Management jobs < $200,000
    BizWiz REPS

    RFP & Trade Announcements

    Trade Announcements
    Special Offers
    New Products
    Contract Awards
    Corporate NewsNet PR Releases
    Ask The Agent
    International Buyer-Seller Connection

    News, PR, Correspondents Cluster

    Corporate NewsNet PR Releases
    Corporate NewsWire
    Correspondents NewsWeb
    Correspondents NewsWire
    Internet Reporter



    Business Service Cluster

    Business Resource Library

    Business Networking & Roundtable


    Auction, Barter, Liquidation, & Surplus

    Commercial Liquidation

    Business Travel Desk
    Passports & Visas

    Small Business
    Legal Research

    Business Services

    Legal Research - Case Law
    Goal Acheivement Probablility Rating
    Profiled People

    Graphics, Design, & Art Service


    Experts & Speakers

    Correspondents NewsWeb
    Correspondents Register


    Customer Poll
    Employee Poll
    Industry Poll
    Political Poll

    Books Cluster
    Books In Progress

    Web Site Development

    EZ Dialup
    Real-Time Credit Card Processing
    Web Emporium

    Industry Marketplaces


    IT & Engineering

    Local Market Business Services for 500 Cities Worldwide


    New York
    Recommended BizWiz Member

    TEL 305-285-9255 | FAX 305-859-8007
    2601 S. BAYSHORE DR, SUITE 225 | MIAMI | FL | 33133 

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    Live your BEST Life™
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